Nathan Nankervis

 [ARTIST STATEMENT]I don't usually like writing about the thought process behind my illustration concepts as I feel it limits people's interpretations and imagination of what the piece is conveying. I think it's important for people to make up their own mind about the illustration as it gives the piece a longer life and sparks conversation. ​To create the piece, I start with a long list ​of ​words and ideas I pull from the provided ​reference, in this case the text​. And then start with a bunch of concept sketches​ based on these words​ until something really ​jumps out at me. Once I have an idea of how the piece is going to look I jump onto the computer. This is where I get to have fun and play around​ experimenting with colour palettes, positioning, scale and style aesthetics​. I find it easier to experiment on computer. I'll duplicate the illustration hundreds of times making small edits each time until I have something I'm happy with.​

after Anna Crews's 'Boy who smells like fish...'


Nathan Nankervis is a Graphic Artist and Illustrator based in Melbourne, Australia. He creates bold, exuberant pieces that are filled with simple messages, playful palettes and eccentric shapes that inspire an audience’s inquisitiveness and urge to play. Nathan has worked with broad array of international clients such as Heineken, Redbull, BONDs and Xero to name a few.


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