Kate Geck


The poem made me think about digital blooming--ascii flowers feeding on glitchy air....in a pretty other place made of mauves, muted sunsets and errors.

               wWWWw                                wWWWw
  vVVVv       (___)    wWWWw                    (___)       vVVVv
   (___)         ~Y~         (___)       vVVVv      ~Y~         (___)
   ~Y~           \|            ~Y~         (___)           |/           ~Y~
     \|            \ |/             \| /         \~Y~/        \|             \ |/
    \\|//         \\|//          \\|///        \\|//         \\|//        \\\|///

after Khalid Warsame's 'old lielacs'


Kate Geck is an installation artist working with digital and sensory space. In particular, the ways technology can skew and mask sensory experience, and the differences between what she terms mediated and non-mediated immediacy. Her installations feature acrylic sculpture, kaleidoscopic projections and augmented, digitally printed substrates. Based in Melbourne, Australia she is a CCD artist at Artful Dodgers Studios and lectures in Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic. Exhibitions include ISEA 2015 (Vancouver), International Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore), San Francisco International Art Festival, Nextwave, NGV Studios, Dotonbori (Osaka) and L'Atelier Kunst (Berlin). She has received awards from Australia Council, City Of Melbourne, City of Yarra, NAVA, Arts Vic, Copyright Agency, commissions from State Library of QLD, Metaverse Makeovers, SIGNAL, Polyglot, Brisbane Festival and has been a finalist in the Churchie, Agendo and Toyota emerging art prizes.



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