Jackson Eaton

 [ARTIST STATEMENT]I read James Renshaw's poem '404 Not Found' and couldn't really understand much of it tbh. I immediately felt pretty anxious, the way youth mixed with new capitalism mixed with new technologies makes me feel generally. But then I had quite a bit of fun learning new memes and emoticons and appreciated how he'd tackled this 'new language', much of which can't really be spoken as such, and made something small and banal yet alive. I still felt uneasy, but in a new, good way. I wanted to make a response about networked relationships, but it turned out as another meditation on being an artist in this crazy blurry time we are living in. I honestly don't know whether I'd rather be making memes or art, or which is harder, or if there is any difference. Anyway, I guess I just took that feeling of anxiety I had, and channelled it into something else, something useless, because maybe that's our best resistance.

"craetiv cloud confeshons"
after James Renshaw's '404 Not Found'


Jackson Eaton is a white, 30-something, heterosexual, middle class, cis-male artist currently living in Melbourne, Australia. His concerns include networked photography, artistic labour, mediated subjectivity, post-authenticity, post-privacy, and finding a long-term partner. His work often takes the form of durational performance or photographic or text-based visual image series. Eaton is currently completing a Masters of Fine Art degree at Monash University. His recent project Better Half was featured in Primavera 2013 at the MCA, collected by the Art Gallery of WA, and published by Pearce Press. He is the co-founder of art initiative http://some.center


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