Holly Childs

 [ARTIST STATEMENT]involuntary scan and respond

"floss. Derrida. spelling. a fictional drug."
after Amarlie Foster's 'BINARIES / ABOUT BEYONCE'


Holly Childs is an Australian artist and writer. Her work is about how digital networks affect contemporary culture and communication. Her first book No Limit was published by Hologram, Melbourne, 2014. Her second book Danklands was published by Arcadia Missa, London, 2014. She is an Associate Producer at Next Wave. www.hollychilds.com


destroying my natural habitat
ppl say i look different now
i’ve taken on too much
it gets better as it gets worse
the boys i love i give to and the girls i love i take from
waiting on a lot of emails
Derrida spelling a fictional drug name through a metal grate on a smartphone
Mariah and then another celebrity… Beyonce
ask me if Fetty's new album bounced yet
Hardgrave Road, in the lounge room is a stage
people who can get what they want where they are tend to be happier
tiny geckos clicking up walls
worm farm, dead
cave clan
root vegetable aliens sprouting out of string bag
i’m driving
some disclosure i have chronic illness so take me to the beach [rising inflection]?
my room flooded again, all things on stilts but my socks get wet
if u have no support they provide no support [rising inflection]?
if u have much support they provide much support
my head in my hands a real thing that happens to me when i’m sad like this but why am i sad
about 15 affidavits on to do list
like ghost light lovehearts throw off your face and hair, will you b witness
contour across concern and fear swirl it around baby
lose everyone else
alone time, 2 stick stickers on furniture
throwing away individual hair bands that aren’t snapped but will
scratching CDs one by one before trashing
emoji headband hieroglyphs
i want this to be in print i don’t want to b online cached forever