[ARTIST STATEMENT]I wanted to create something that sounded like I felt reading the poem for the first time, but I also wanted to let the track be what it needed to be in its own right. I felt really drawn to this idea of intersecting vulnerability and strength, and focused heavily on vocal manipulation and transformation to create an almost self protective energy between me and everyone else. The track felt really fragile to me at the start, which didn't feel totally accurate, so anyway, somehow it kind of turned into a moody dance track.

after Stephanie Christie's 'Hung r'


Geryon is a Melbourne based trans multi-instrumentalist performer and producer. They have played in many forms and places, having toured interstate and internationally as a guitarist and performer, supporting artists such as How to Dress Well, Amanda Palmer, Bonobo, and The Bamboos. They currently perform around Melbourne as an analog electronic artist, using loops and samples to create dynamic pop songs.