Eneti Waretini

 [ARTIST STATEMENT]On first encountering 'Angles and Marks' I felt the poet was writing with the notion to criticise their subject -- leading me with certainty to visually capture this essence on film -- however after frequently revisiting the poem I began to abandon this certainty of criticism and starting to see admiration in Chris's words. This new transition provoked quite a different direction in filming, I started to strongly connect with particular stanzas and saw their visual representation vividly. I set out to capture the city's dark corners drawing attention to them in a new light -- "reviving the city's dead angles." I felt especially coupled with the poem's final stanza and felt quite strongly that I represented my interpretation of it and the overall air of the poem with the closing shot. Being a musician as well as a visual artist -- I was naturally inclined towards sonifying my interpretations of Angles and Marks -- which eventuated in the composition for the film.

after Chris Andrews's 'Angles and Marks'


Eneti Waretini originated from Christchurch but is currently based in Melbourne, He is a predominantly self taught multimedia artist - his oeuvre comprises film, animation, sound and digital art. Some of his recent projects were acting as Head Visual Artist for last years Melbourne Music Week and the Projection Artist for Guy Sebastian’s last 3 tours.