Dan Dorocic

 [ARTIST STATEMENT]With the current influx of migrants and refugees into the EU and specifically Germany, the poem struck me with its architectural elements and how they relate to the ideas of home and dwelling. The emotional connection to a home and the feelings of loss of a home - of displacement. Bearing false witness has to do with lying and deceit and I wonder how the immigrants feel about the stories they hear about the west, about Germany and Western Europe upon their arrival to these places and the reality of their situation, the lack of housing available and the transience of their stay, their new existence in the new country. I imagined how a dream architecture in between an arrival camp and village would look like as a village of these pure geometric forms.

influenced by recent ON/OFF project, the RHOMBI - a rhombicubeoctahedron house built for the Münchner Kammerspiele.

after Jill Jones's 'Bearing False Witness'

Dan Dorocic has an Master's in Architecture from Bergen Arkitekthøgskole and is co-founder of architecture collective ON/OFF. ONOFF works in the intersections of urban space, street art, architecture, mappings, urbanism and spatial perceptions. The point of departure for any project is the site and a historical reference. Dan worked in architecture offices in Norway, Australia, Canada, England and worked on a number of participatory and community-led building and design workshops in Germany, Palestine, Belgium, and Italy.


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